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  • Treatment
    Our doctor and her caring teams treat a wide range of medical conditions and injuries for patients of all ages, genders, and states of health
    Emergency Help
    An emergency is a valid reason to visit the emergency room — but far too many Jamaican use the ER or urgent care as their primary source of care.
    Prevention and population Health
    Increasingly, members of the health professions, policymakers, and the Jamaican public understand the importance of health promotion
    Health Literacy
    Health literacy is the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information needed to make appropriate health decisions.

    Dr Sukanya Y.M. Prasad expertise lies in the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders affecting general health.

    We are committed to providing superior health care to patients in Jamaica.


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    Kadene Grace

    I’m a Public Health Inspector assigned to the Seaforth Sanitary District. I am a client of the Miracle Medical Center for over 4 years. I must say Dr Sukanya is not only my friend, she is wonderful doctor😌. She is patient and treats her clients with genuine love and care. The entire team at the Health Center are very professional and friendly and we always crack laughs when I visit. I would recommend this facility to anyone because of their immaculate services. “Miracles do happen at the Miracle Medical Center”

    Melissa Wong
    Business owner, Morant Bay

    Miracle Medical Centre is a breath of fresh air. And the resident Dr. Sukanya Parsad is an outstanding doctor. She is very patient and understanding and spends a great deal of time with you unlike most doctors who are always in a hurry to attend to the next patient. The staff there is very welcoming and friendly. I would highly recommend this doctor. You will be very pleased.

    Mr. Leon Ford
    Senior teacher at the Robert Lightbourne High School.

    The Miracle Center has been the place of medical healing for my family and I for over 20 years. The staff is kind, gentle, spiritual and very hospitable. There is always a smile and something
    inspirational even when you are feeling at your worst. The doctor’s care is beyond reproach as she is very thorough and attentive. I will recommend the Miracle Centre at all times for your health needs.

    Mr. Venardo Rowe

    have worked alongside dr Sukanya Prasad in community of Morant Bay as pharmacist for about 10 years. During this time I have been acquainted with her, she is a professional and very knowledgeable
    medical practitioner. In my opinion she offers the best treatment available to her patients. I have recommended several patients to go see her over this time period and will continue to recommend more. She is one of the most respected physicians in the Morant Bay Area and rightly so, as she is a good doctor

    Natoya Mighty-Smith
    Manager , JPS, Jamaica

    I’ve been a patient of Dr Sukanya for over 17 years. I must say that not only is she passionate about what she does but she also exhibit true care and concern about her patients. Doc is one of the few in her profession who gives a courtesy call to find out how is the treatment coming along. I remember in 2016 I was diagnosed with a serious and life threatening condition and while in her office crying she said Mighty let me pray for you, and trust me She did pray and encourage me as well. Today the situation is no more! I would recommend Dr Sukanya Prasad to everyone, not only is she concerned about your physical health but your Spiritual and mental as well.

    Kareem Graham
    Caribstar Shipping Ltd | IT Technician

    I have been going to Miracle Medical from it opening. I have been a patient of Dr. Sukanya for more than ten (10) years. The professionalism, care that she and staff have displayed throughout the year have been excellent. She through and well verse in the field of medince. The Facility is well maintained, relaxing, peaceful and Spiritually uplifting. I can say that God has a hand at Miracle Medical. Personally I wouldn’t see any other Doctor than Dr. Sukanya.

    Mrs. Margaret George
    Retired High school Principal

    Dr Sukanya Prasad has been my family’s physician for over 15 years. Since 2015, she established the Miracle Medical Centre at 49 Queen St., Morant Bay P.O. , St Thomas. When we go there, we have always experienced good customer service which has helped to ease the anxiety one feels during illness.The Centre operates in a spacious, clean environment and offers services such as ECG, pharmaceuticals, but best of all I appreciate that Dr Sukanya always refer her patients to specialist care where necessary. I have no qualms recommending anyone to that facility.

    Johnett McFarlane
    Retired teacher who taught for 40 years in Jamaica.

    My first meeting with Dr Sukanya Prasad was by accident. After being in pain for many many years I decided that I was going to try a new doctor. I asked a friend and he took me to a doctor office but said the doctor he was taking me to was not there but I could try this “lady doctor”. I said ok and went inside the receptionist took my details and told me to take a seat. When my name was called I went into the office and was greeted by a pleasant and engaging smile. I then told her my problem and she asked me the strangest questions my parents medical history , my medical history even childbirth, menstruation and other questions. She than told me to stand and to lift my left leg up and sidewards and then my right leg. She told me what my problem might be and recommended that I do some tests in Kingston.


    I am a school administrator who resides in the parish of St Thomas. Dr Sukanya has been my doctor for approximately fifteen (15) years. She also provides medical care for members of my immediate family. She is a very professional and caring doctor. She is someone who I trust because she has proven that my overall health and wellbeing is of utmost importance to her and has consistently provided excellent care for me. I always feel comfortable going to her – I can relate to her, she discusses your medical condition with you so that you understand what is happening to you, she explains the treatment/treatment options and she is never too busy to listen and advise/encourage if necessary.

    Dr. Sukanya Prasad also works with